Club Officers

Please remember that all Heinkel Trojan Club Officers give their time for free and unlike many clubs our spares custodians are not paid any fees or commission. Please respect their privacy. If phoning do so at a reasonable time, never after 2100hrs or before 1000hrs local time and do not be offended if you are asked to ring back later. If a call is being returned then expect to be asked to ring back. Parts may be collected by prior arrangement. It is not acceptable to just turn up!!

Scooter Parts

Because there are relatively few scooters owned by Club members and significant differences between models it has been decided not to stock the full range of scooter spares. Members with scooters will be advised where parts the Club does not stock can be obtained from in Germany, where there are still a large number of Heinkel scooters on the road and parts supply is very good, if sometimes a little expensive. The Club will assist members wherever possible, including ordering parts for them. The Club still has a large quantity of scooter spares which are held by Alan Fisher.

Part Numbers (Cars)

The part numbers for cars are based on the first section of the Trojan Parts List (Type 150 B-0, 174cc 3 wheeler) as reprinted by the Club. (Note: in the A4 reprint with the yellow cover some of the part descriptions follow the plate and are not opposite it, as in the original.) The specification of the cars remained remarkably constant throughout production. The exceptions are early Heinkels with features such as Coal Scuttle rear, rod gear change and three wheel hand brake and late Trojans, where what ever was available and would do was fitted.

Part Numbers (Scooters)

The part numbers for scooters are based on the parts list for the Heinkel Tourist 103 A0. Copies of the List in German are available from Alan. However parts for the A1/A2 are significantly different to the A0. All specific scooter parts start “S” but many scooter parts are common to cars and these are listed as car parts. All Scooter ”S” parts are held by Nick Haddon

Part Number Make Up

The make up of the part number is as follows;

The first section indicated who holds that spare: G = Garry; N = Nick; R = Alan & S = Scooter parts held by Nick

The second section refers to the plate number; e.g., G-05 (Plate 5 - Transmission parts held by Garry)

The third section refers to the item number on the plate; G-05:36 (Gear Change Control Cylinder, held by Garry). If there are a number of options then the item number will include an alpha character, (eg G-12:01A is Grey plastic filler for window rubber to distinguish it from G-12:01B which is chrome plastic filler for window rubber.). If the item held is not depicted on the plate but belongs with that group of parts then there is an alpha character. (e.g. G-11:A refers to the reproduction rear floor, which is not shown as an item on the ‘body parts’ plate.)

The fourth section of the part number describes the vehicle types the part fits.

All = Fits most vehicles, cars and scooters

Car = Fits most cars. Qualified: \LHD; \RHD or \LH; \RH or \3W; \4W if appropriate

175 = 175cc engines

200 = 200cc engines

A0/A1/A2 for scooters

The last section of the part number describes the type of part; as follows;

AL = An alternative part, not as originally fitted but which does the job

FD = Flood damaged but can be cleaned to make serviceable

MA = Parts manufactured to Club specification

NE = New parts manufactured to original specification

OL = Old Stock, which is not normally as pretty as it once was

RE = Reconditioned or refurbished

SU = Surcharge, when no unit suitable for reconditioning is returned

UD = Used, second-hand parts.

Finally, there are two additional categories; ‘Tools’ and ‘Publications & Regalia’.

Terms of Trade

Parts and Merchandise can only be supplied to members, or their agents. All goods are supplied on the basis of the terms of trade ruling at the time of despatch. The Club’s current terms of trade are available from the Company Secretary, please enclose stamped addressed envelope.

Unsorted Spares

There is still a quantity of unsorted spares, mainly small items, for both cars and scooters, which were salvaged from the flood. Garry Longstaff has the unsorted second-hand spares, these are mainly mechanical parts, and there are no bumpers or shiny trim bits!! Please contact Nick or Garry if the part you are looking for is not listed.


All parts listed, except where marked “Enquire” are in stock at the time of preparation of this list. As stock is sold the Club will endeavour to find replacements but ‘out of stock’ situations may well occur so check availability before dismantling! Information of new part development is reported in the Cruiser News Letter.

Errors and Omissions

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the parts list is accurate it is inevitable that there will be mistakes, for which we apologise. Please do let us know so that they can be corrected for future editions. All information is provided in good faith but the Club does not accept any responsibility for, or the consequences of, any errors or omissions.

Price List

The latest Price List is available to members only by signing onto the Members Only area.

Ordering Parts

Only club members may purchase parts and regalia from the club.

New car parts and regalia must be ordered on-line from the Shop . You must Register in the Shop before ordering parts and have had your registration and club membership confirmed.

Second hand car parts and scooter parts must be ordered on the Order Form available in the Members Only area.